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Poem of the Week | Margaret Sullivan and Susan Gardner

  SOUL FOOD: COURSE ONE—AMENDED  “I may not look Chinese but my stomach is.”   Definition: jiaozi—a steamed or boiled dumpling made with meat (rou, usually pork), mixed with chopped cabbage, ginger, onion, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil, wrapped in thin wheat flour dough, and served with a soy and vinegar dipping sauce.   Jinan, Shandong, China, February 1940  The thunk, thunk, thunk of Cook’s cleaver mincing the meat and cabbage alert the household. It’s jiaozi-making day. He

Poem of the Week | Margaret Sullivan and Susan Gardner2020-05-04T00:10:24+00:00

Poem of the Week | George Looney

    Bas Relief Is No Relief at All      There’s a red-tail hawk whittling away  at a sky gray enough it could be said    to need consoling, someone to take it in  their arms, say There, there, and promise    it won’t always be like this. But it’s not  shavings of sky coming down, just rain,     and nothing anyone could say to you  

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Poem of the Week | Arne Weignart

    It Is Not Yet Spring      It is not yet spring but  Leonard Cohen is singing   in the car in French. I can’t   understand a single word  but I’m guessing the song   is either about regret or total   lack of regret. Even I can tell  his accent isn’t terrific.   There are young people   out on the streets and   some of them

Poem of the Week | Arne Weignart2020-05-03T23:59:54+00:00

Poem of the Week | Irena Praitis

    Lyrics I saw the Chinese prisoner lying on the floor with his throat cut. Arbeitserziehungslager (AEL)/Work Education Camp, Römhild, Germany, 1945   Listen: music travels far on quiet nights. Open the windows, enjoy another man’s opera, your neighbor’s wife singing at her bath. Listen, death can’t not be musical: pick axes clanging, kapos beating, one last breath guttering the throat of the

Poem of the Week | Irena Praitis2020-05-03T23:55:17+00:00

Poem of the Week | Ken Haas

  At Mile Rocks    From Point Lobos, named by the Spanish   for barking seals they decided were wolves,   you can see near the breakers,   on a black lava outcrop barely above the swell,   a column, twenty feet high,  red and white stripes almost faded to bone.     Some say it’s the stump of a sea-swept lighthouse  built, after a steamer from Rio went down in

Poem of the Week | Ken Haas2020-05-03T23:48:45+00:00

Praise for BEASTS!

BEASTS is a book about time—time passing, time cycling, time fossilizing, time writing itself on the human imagination. Such a scope might crumble in a lesser poet’s hands, but Sagan’s touch is dependably deft and fresh. Here are poems woven of high and low, shadow and light, visible and invisible, human and other-than. Tuned to the resonant universe, they touch us deeply. —Anne Valley-Fox,

Praise for BEASTS!2020-05-03T18:59:54+00:00

Poem of the Week | Jeffrey Bean

    Kid, this is the first rain  of November. It strips off the rest  of the leaves, reminds trees   how to shiver. I think to Earth   it looks like the first first rain, the water  of the beginning, swirling down hot  into gassy soup. The bubbling stuff  that imagined trees to begin with, and also  mountains, kangaroos, dolphin cartilage,  stoplights. And you, tearing down  hills on

Poem of the Week | Jeffrey Bean2020-04-27T18:42:42+00:00

Residency application deadline extended!

Exciting news--our residency application deadline is now July 31, 2020! You can apply here.  We look forward to reviewing your application!

Residency application deadline extended!2020-04-15T19:44:44+00:00

Ken Haas’ BORROWED LIGHT coming soon!

Ken Haas' BORROWED LIGHT coming soon! Borrowed Light, Ken Haas’ first collection of poems, is complex, vibrant, capacious and wildly imaginative. With affection and wonderful clarity, Haas describes a childhood of “taking infield practice and shagging flies,” Atlantic City’s “sunburn and saltwater taffy,” a trip into Manhattan to see the legendary John Coltrane, who “emptied his arms in a wave that even now speaks

Ken Haas’ BORROWED LIGHT coming soon!2020-04-15T19:45:12+00:00
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