Red Mountain Press, LLC

We believe that there is a wonderful variety of fine, contemporary work being made today.

Red Mountain Press publishes poetry, memoirs and literary fiction. We collaborate with artists and authors individually to realize their unique vision in the form of a book, work that illuminates our world with beauty and meaningful ideas. The emphasis is always on quality and relevance to contemporary life. The authors retain full rights to their work. We use the best papers and manufacturing processes that are low impact and resource conserving.

Red Mountain Press awards a prize for poetry. Guidelines and Submission Manager for the prize at the Poetry Prize tab.

RD Ross, the owner and publisher of Red Mountain Press, is a tireless organizer, giving a lifetime of service to community efforts, especially in the arts and education. RD is an architect by profession and has decades of experience in non-profit organizational development and public-private partnerships. He holds a BFA in architecture and studio arts, plus master’s degrees in arts education and business administration. In addition to maintaining an independent architectural practice since the mid-1960s, he has provided over two decades of executive management, first in the field of special education and later in the non-profit world of human service delivery.

Susan Gardner, publisher and founding editor, is a poet, painter, photographer and literary editor. She has received wide recognition for her poetry and memoir and her art has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. She graduated from Hunter College, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, did graduate work at Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania. She studied Southern School painting in Korea and calligraphy inn Japan. From Red Mountain’s beginnings she has edited and designed every book.

Distributor: Small Press Distribution

RED MOUNTAIN PRESS will have an open reading period from time to time when we read new regular submissions. Go to the Submissions tab for full information and guidelines.