Poetry Prize

The Red Mountain Prize for Poetry awards $1000 and publication of a full-length book of poetry. The most important criterion is that the manuscript manifests significant themes in beautiful, strong and evocative language.


The author must hold all rights to the work. The manuscript may include previously published poems but may not have been published as a whole. Proper attribution must accompany previously published work.

The author must be over 21 years of age.

Submit  a manuscript of 48-72 pages in a single document.

Submission Manager

Each poem must begin on a new page with the title of the poem at the top. Do not have your name or identifying data on the manuscript. The submission manager links your data to your submission and you may enter an optional cover letter, which is not visible to the judges.

Use Times New Roman or similar 12 pt font, with at least one-inch margins, with a Table of Contents. Title page should include ONLY the title. The text must be written in English and must be solely one author’s work. Very short poems, such as haiku, may be grouped together on a single page if they would appear together in the final book.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted but you MUST notify Red Mountain immediately and withdraw your work at once if the work is accepted elsewhere.

The judge will do an initial blind reading of each entry and nominate the finalists. The publisher with the judge will choose the winning entry from among the finalists. If a judge recognizes work during the blind reading, that judge will recuse him/herself from consideration of that entry. People related to the publisher are not eligible.  The final decision is at the sole discretion of the publisher.

For guidance, please look at the books Red Mountain has published. No purchase is required to enter but we hope you will read the books, available at your public library and independent bookseller and our website, www.redmountainpress.us, Our books are distributed by www.spdbooks.org. Red Mountain Press, of course, does not discriminate on any ascriptive basis (i.e., gender, nationality, race), but is very discriminating in choosing the books it can publish.

The deadline is October 18. The non-refundable online application fee is $35.

Submission Manager

No information will be available in response to telephone inquires. Email questions to redmtnpress@gmail.com and write prize query in the subject line.

Please check the website, www.redmountainpress.us, for updates and further information. The winner and finalists will be announced on this  page.

About the Judge

Trained as a scientist and poet, Lisa Rosenberg has a keen interest in the commonality between arts and sciences, and in accessibly framing that territory for exploration in many contexts and settings.

Lisa holds degrees in physics and creative writing. A former Wallace Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University, she worked for many years in engineering, primarily in the space program. She also founded a marketing consulting practice, and was active in aviation as a private pilot.

Lisa served as the 2017-2018 Poet Laureate of San Mateo County, California, and is the author of A Different Physics, winner of the 2017 Red Mountain Poetry Prize. Her publication history spans literature and technology, including journals, anthologies, trade features, and research.

Poetry Prize Winner 2019

UNPRACTICAL THINKING by Arne Weingnart, March 2020.


2018 Editor’s Award SHADOW LIGHT by Denise Low

2018 Discovery Award Instructions for Temporary Survival by Monica Prince

2017 Discovery Award  BELLE’S RAGGED ARMY by Joan Burt

2017 Poetry Prize A DIFFERENT PHYSICS by Lisa Rosenberg

2016 Poetry Prize THE WOMAN PUTTING ON PEARLS, by Jeffrey Bean

2015 Poetry Prize THE LAST STONE IN THE CIRCLE. by Irena Praitis

2015 Editor’s  THE SKY WATCHED by Linda LeGarde Grover

 2015 Discovery Award BINI by Nabin Kumar Chhetri

2014 Poetry Prize FAR AWAY by Gregory Lawless

2013 Poetry Prize CHURCH OF NEEDLES by Sarah Sousa

2013 Editor’s Award awarded to ECHO LIGHT

2012 Poetry Prize ANIMALS IN OUR FLESH by Zachary Kluckman,